All bike rental places in Passau

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Bike rental info from last year:

Rent A Bike [1] Rent A Bike replied May 23

Fahrrad-Klinik [2] Fahrrad-Klinik replied May 21

Fahrradladen [3] Fahrradladen replied May 21

Opinions on how many Tandems anyone?

Mecki: Minimum 2. I wonder whether bike hirers have drop-in places along the route (i.e. for repairs and/or rentals which would allow us to swap tandems for bikes in case the 2-seaters turn out uncomfortable for the riders).

Arun: I would really like to rent one of these

Mecki: Do wonder whether the person at the front would develop pins and needles in the legs ? Otherwise, why not!!

Arun: I spoke to a few people who used one of these and they haven't reported any problems ;)

Ansgar: I'm easy, but perhaps we should have a couple of bikes just in case anyone feels windy.