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Dear Frances,

thanks for your E-Mail. I wright in english to practise it.

We have the best bikes for rent in Passau (right picture)

We have 2 new Tandems as you see on the left picture.

On the tandem it is possible to ut panniers on the fork and on the carrier (together 64 liters, the holder in front is not on the picture, but now on the bike)

The prices for your 8-day tour to Vienna would be:

Rental per tandem 154.- Euros

Rental per single bike 77.- Euros

Back transports from Klosterneuburg to Passau:

Tandem: 60 euros each

Bikes: 25 euros each

We have waterproof panniers also for rent, 40 liters volume per pair, rental costs 4 Euros per pair per day. See coloured picture.

Please let me have your confirmation the next days because the tandems are always booked very good.

We also can deliver your over-package to our partnerhotel in Klosterneuburg near Vienna (costs 30 Euros per suitecase) if you want.

If you are at LINZ ant the second day of your trip you should not miss the following event (I´m there since 6 years J ):


Best regards from Passau to Berkeley

Matthias Drasch