Bike Tour Passau-Vienna

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Just start adding stuff ;)

Bike.jpg Vienna-danube-cycle-path.jpg

Day by Day

Total: ~320 km over 6 days

Donauradweg karte.jpg

Each Allen researches route highlights and books accommodation for a different day of the tour..

Action Items

  • Reserve bikes (Frances)
  • Book flights (everyone)
  • Organize stopovers and journey segments (everyone)
  • things to pack
  • make a list of bike shops along the way in case we need repair service

List of Bikers

Frances, Arun, Mecki, Paul, Ansgar, Zanna, Kostas, Fabia. Anyone else??


Here is a link to the weather records in Vienna and Passau.

Getting to Passau

Flights booked! How about train tickets?

Train/bus from Munich to Passau

Munich Airport to Passau: 1hr17mins by bus and train. One change.


Collect interesting places here

Links to specific items on the way

Links about Passau--Vienna bike tours

Links about bike tours


bike tour book Krems Vienna

Our rental company in Passau

Fahrrad-Klinik Fahrrad-Klinik replied May 21

(All bike rental places in Passau including tandem discussion)

Chit Chat & Ideas

This is very exciting!!! -Fabia

If we have a larger group we could also indulge in a service car ;) e.g. two people per day (rotating) who would take a car to the next stop, move the luggage, have spare parts and set up a nice picnic along the way ;) -- Arun

Having a car may entice people to join who don't necessarily fancy 6 days in the saddle - Mecki

Ansgar Hey, just load up my bike! Like this

Bikes in Film

A couple of tandems figure briefly in this video: